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Elasticsearch setup and configuration

What is Elasticsearch? Elasticsearch is highly scalable, broadly distributed open-source full text search and analytics engine. You can in very near real-time search, store and index big volume of data. It internally use Apache Lucene for indexing and storing data. Below are few use cases for it. Product search for e-commerce website Collecting application logs and transaction data for analyzing it for trends and anomalies. Indexing instance metrics(health, stats) and doing analytics, creating alerts for instance health on regular interval. For analytics/ business-intelligence applications Elasticsearch basic concepts We will be using few terminologies while talking about Elasticsearch. Let's see basic building blocks of Elasticsearch. Near real-time Elasticsearch is near real-time. What it means is that the time (latency) between the indexing of document and its availability for searching. Cluster It is a collection of one or multiple nodes (servers) that together h