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React Ecosystem: State management with Redux

In the previous post , we created a blog post application with React and managed local state with useState hook. We will extend the same application and will introduce Redux and react-redux library for state management and @reduxjs/toolkit for opinionating setting up the redux store and creating selector function on state. Adding required libraries Run npm i --save @reduxjs/toolkit react-redux @types/react-redux from root of the project to add required set of libraries for this post. Which new functions we will be using in this example? configureStore from @reduxjs/toolkit createSlice from @reduxjs/toolkit useDispatch from react-redux useSelctor from react-redux useEffect from react @reduxjs/toolkit: configureStore This function provides a convenient abstraction over createStore function of redux library. It adds good defaults to the store for better experience(e.g. DevTools, Redux-Thunk for async actions). @reduxjs/toolkit: createSlice This f