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Apache Avro - RPC framework

This post is in continuation to my previous posts on Apache Avro - Introduction , Apache Avro - Generating classes from Schema and Apache Avro - Serialization . In this post, we will share insights on using Apache Avro as RPC framework. We first need to define a protocol to use Apache Avro as RPC framework. Before going into depth of this topic, let's discuss What protocol is? Avro protocols describes RPC interfaces. They are defined as JSON similar to Schema . A protocol has following attributes protocol : a string, defining name of the protocol. namespace : an optional that qualifies the name. types : an optional list of definitions of named types (like record, enum, fixed and errors). messages : an optional JSON object whose keys are method names of protocoland whose values are objects whose attributes are described below. No two messages may have the same name. Further, Message have following attributes request : a list of named, typed parameter schemas. respon