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Deploying Next.js application to Netlify

Netlify provides global scale platfom for web projects without any server, devops and infrastructure setup. It has a good support deploy static and dynamic site and you can start your project for free. Deploying Static Site generated by Next.js Add following to the scripts in package.json . "start": "next start", "build": "next build", "export": "next export" Create netlify.toml file under root folder and add following commands. [build] command = "npm run build && npm run export" publish = "out" That's it. Go to and follow instruction on setting up project with github repository. Depoying server-rendered React Apps generated by Next.js Netlify follows serverless architecture. It has the concept of Functions. You need to add little extra steps. Add next-on-netlify library to your project with npm i next-on-netlify command. Add following to the scripts in p