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Java 8 - Filtering with Predicates

In this post, we will cover following items. What is java.util.function.Predicate? How to filter data with Predicates? Predicate chaining. Java 8 introduced many new features like Streaming API, Lambdas , Functional interfaces , default methods in interfaces and many more. Today, we will discuss about Predicate interface added in java.util.function package and its usage in filtering in-memory data. What is java.util.function.Predicate? Predicate is like a condition checker, which accepts one argument of type T and return the boolean value. It's a functional interface with functional method test(Object) . Here, Object is typed. @FunctionalInterface interface Predicate < T > { public boolean test ( T t ); } How we can filter data with Predicates? Consider we have Collection of employees and we want to filter them based on age, sex, salary and/ or with any other combinations. We can do that with Predicate . Let's understand this with one short