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Installing Filebeat

Filebeat Filebeat is a light-weight log shipper. It is installed as a agent and listen to your predefined set of log files and locations and forward them to your choice of sink (Logstash, Elasticsearch, database etc.) Installation deb curl -L -O sudo dpkg -i filebeat-6.3.2-amd64.deb rpm curl -L -O sudo rpm -vi filebeat-6.3.2-x86_64.rpm mac curl -L -O tar xzvf filebeat-6.3.2-darwin-x86_64.tar.gz docker docker pull Windows Download the filebeat from official website and do the following configurations. 1) Extract the zip file to your choice of location. e.g. C:\Program Files. 2) Rename the filebeat- -windows directory to Filebeat . 3) Open a PowerShell prompt as an Administrator (right