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Single Responsibility Principle - Improved Example

This post is in continuation to my older post on Single Responsibility principle . At that time, I provided solution where we refactored FileParser and moved validation logic to FileValidationUtils and also composed Parser interface with various implementation viz. CSVFileParser , XMLFileParser and JsonFileParser (A sort of Strategy Design pattern ). and validation code was moved to FileValidationUtils java file . You can get hold of old code on Github . This was roughly 2 years ago :). I though of improving this code further. We can completely remove FileValidationUtils by making following code change in Parser interface. public interface Parser { public void parse ( File file ); public FileType getFileType (); public default boolean canParse ( File file ) { return Objects . nonNull ( file ) && file . getName (). endsWith ( getFileType (). getExtension ()); } } public class FileParser { private Parser parser ; public Fi